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We are here to give your favourite rock band the tribute. Waysted music is still relevant due to the impact that it had on the people and we want to make sure that the legacy continues as the time goes by.

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10 Ways to Manage Your Music Business Financials

As an independent musician or a record label executive, the effective management of your business financials cannot be taken for granted. After all, apart from your passion to become successful and fulfil your dreams, you also want to make lots of money. More appropriately put, you want to make wise decisions as regards money. Here, you will find 10 ways to manage your financials.

1. Think of Being Independent

This has its perks if handled well. Being under a record label means that a large chunk of your earnings will be going to them.

2. Become a Business

To become a successful independent artist, you need to handle your career like a business. Engage in financial management.

3. Have a Business Plan

A business plan will give you a financial blueprint. With it, you can know the right direction to take at any point in the future. Hire professional business plan writers to prepare one for you.

4. Have a Budget

A spending plan is important for any business. Make sure you are determined to stick to the budget, unless in cases where you have to make adjustments for better spending decisions.

5. Get Interested in Financial Matters

You may never have the time as a busy music artist, but it is advisable to check the financial records of the record label you are under regularly. If you do not show an interest, you may be allowing some unfair practices go unnoticed. Realizing later will only lead to expensive legal battles. This also applies to label executives.

6. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping ensures that you keep track of your financials easily. You will have a record or spreadsheet where all the money that is going in and out of your business is documented. As a label executive, you need to check your records regularly.

7. Hire Financial Experts

It is best to let the professionals handle financial matters if you have the money to employ their services. Many independent artists do not have time for bookkeeping, record checks, and other tasks; especially the mainstream ones.

8. Always Seek Legal Advice

You need a lawyer to get you through possible legal matters or battles. You also need someone to advise you on how wise it is to start a court battle in relation to legal fees.

9. Save Money

You may be making so much money that splurging may become an addiction. It is advisable to save a significant part of that “excess” money for a possible rainy day.

10. Invest in Passive Income Streams

Music is your life, but it should not be your only source of income. Delve into passive income streams in case you stop earning a significant amount from music in the future. Your returns can be used to re-invest in your music career.

Do not be like music artists who made a fortune only to become broke due to poor spending decisions, and disinterest in the financials of the record label they were under. Label executives should also be organized with the right team on deck for better financial management.

Songs That Can Impact Your Lifestyle


Music has a unique role in our life, as they are more than just forms of entertainment. A song leaves a larger impact in the minds of people that at times, changes the course of our lives. So, all you need to do here is to listen to some of these songs, as they take you into a new direction.

Coldplay, Fix You

We are quite sure that you have heard of this masterpiece from Coldplay, as the song takes you into a mood that you probably haven’t visited before. As the lyrics take the course, you will think about life and all the actions that you have taken down the road. If tears seem to come down your face, then that means that the song has taken an impact on you.

Bob Marley, Get Up Stand Up

Bob Marley, Get Up Stand Up

If you ever feel like you want to be motivated, then all you have to do is to listen to this iconic song from a legend called Bob Marley. There are probably very few individuals out there who can give you a better take on life apart from the hugely popular Bob Marley. The song talks about the reason why you need to stand up, as the fight is still on and you shouldn’t give up easily.

Bon Jovi, Its My Life

This record-breaking song from Bon Jovi will always be remembered as one of the most famous rock songs of all time. The song talks about why you just need to live it and how things need to be done according to your manner. As life happens at this very moment, are you really going to waste time? Well, such songs can leave a thought or two in your mind about your lifestyle and why it requires an immediate change. So, thank you, Bon Jovi.

Eminem, Not Afraid

Eminem, Not Afraid

We are all quite aware of the hard road that Eminem took to reach the global stage. His struggles with addiction are well placed in our memory, as he fought his way back with this record-breaking album ”Recovery”. The song ”Not ‘Afraid’ talks about how the road to recovery is easy and how life can change when you walk through the storm together. So get a hold of a helping hand and begin the process of peace.

Rolling Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

When one of the best rock bands are playing on the radio, you know precisely when you might go crazy. That particular feeling makes you want to listen to some of their best songs and ”You ‘Can’t Always Get What You Want” is definitely one of them. The song gives you a take on reality and how you need to reorganize yourself during times of struggle.