There are no particular set of rules for winning in roulette, but with the help of a few tips one can increase their chances of winning while applying the strategies.

Color and number picking

Picking the colour is essential. The player always is confused when it comes to the colour selection. It can be red or black, and there are 50% chances that these two colours appear. So, select one colour and then invest in it. If the player has decided to play for less time, it is a better idea to go with fewer amounts in betting. If the player has won the first bet, then it is better not to touch the first bet amount so that he can take it home. The next tip is to bet on numbers between 1 and 18 and another set 19 and 36, and this is dicey bet. These bets have similar chances of winning like that in the colours. The player can only bet once or twice.

Betting on rows and adding zero

The next tip for winning the game of roulette is to bet on rows. Betting on the rows is again the same as playing with the colours. If the player has won the bet in the first game, it's always safe to keep the original stake aside and then play the game again. If the second game goes with the loss, then bet the same amount and try to win. When the game is online, the player can add zero, and each number has the equal chances of winning. So this trip is a kind of malfunction which can help the player in winning the game, but on the land game this is not possible. The player must make sure to keep an eye on the table and keeping track of the score will help in predicting the colours. It is better for a new player to start with free games and once he masters in it he can go with paid games. Online games have more chances of scamming, so look for the table which generates the number randomly. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!